Astrostatistics in France

Astrostatistics in France

Modern astrophysics produces data that require statistical tools to be exploited, and statistics needs such challenges to make progress. This makes astrostatistics an emerging discipline which saw in 2012 the creation of the International Astrostatistics Association (IAA), defined as an independent professional association of astronomers/astrophysicists, physicists, statisticians, computer-information scientists and others having an interest in the statistical analysis of astronomical data, and the creation of a Working Group of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

This website is the portal of the french community around astrostatistics to exchange news, advices, methods, links, and foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

Most recent articles

Most recent articles

Job Base

Wednesday 4 March 2015 by Didier Fraix-Burnet
A centralized source for jobs, post-docs and PhDs is available at: .

Data Sets

Tuesday 3 March 2015 by Didier Fraix-Burnet

Défi Imag’In de la Mission Interdisciplinaire du CNRS

Thursday 15 January 2015 by Didier Fraix-Burnet
Créé en 2015, ce Défi est dédié à l’imagerie ou plutôt les imageries sont les méthodes d’acquisition, d’analyse et de représentation de scènes réelles sous forme de signaux 2D (images), 2D + t (série temporelle d’images), 3D (volume, par exemple IRM) et 3D + t (séquence d’images volumiques), multi- et (...)

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